Edit An Ad Using Your Eyes with This ACO Skincare Interactive Experience

DDB Stockholm launches pioneering commercial experience for Nordic Skincare Brand

DDB Stockholm has launched a new integrated 360 degree campaign for Pharma brand ACO, including print packaging, digital, strategy and commercials. Innovative new technology has been developed by the agency for the digital media section of the campaign. The pioneering commercial experience can detect a viewer’s eye movements, allowing them to cut their own commercial with their eyes in real-time. Click threefacesofmoist.com to give the experience a go.

As a brand ACO have undergone a complete reinvention in the process, making the jump from general cosmetics into targeted beauty products and skin care. Part of this includes radically improved recipes which now target three common skin types. In reaction to these developments, the film, devised by DDB and directed by Tobias Granström, pivots around the concepts of the skin, moisture and the number three.

With these values at the heart of the new formula, DDB have tapped into the body’s natural moisturiser; the eyes. They have encouraged consumers to engage with the experience in a physical manner, creating a commercial that can be customised and manipulated by the action of the viewer blinking.

"It’s marvellous when a client is willing to make a difference and challenge their own organization on how a brand is communicating with consumers. ACO were full of energy and went all out, giving us the opportunity to do an excellent job!” Maria Lundvall Business Director, DDB Stockholm

Three films run simultaneously which, aided by unique coding within a web worker, face-map the viewer, using their webcam to detect eye movement. One film focuses on moisture, another on the skin and the final on the product. The web technology continually draws information from the viewer’s webcam in real-time and translates this, relaying it to a separate thread of code which tells the current film on show to cut to the next.

The three films allow for an astonishing number of outcomes (9 x 10 ^ 834 to be exact!) yet maintain the core values of the brand using a tranquil soundtrack and synced titles to make the experience seamless.

ACO’s Marketing Director, Julian Read, comments, “I’ve never worked with an agency who have been so integrated across their departments as DDB. We felt like a team which is a rarity not often found in the usual agency-client relationship.”

The site for ACO Moist launched this month and is available in four languages; English, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: DDB Stockholm

Producer: Peter Sarhammar

Creative Director: Daniel Mencák, Julia Stenius

Marketing Director ACO: Julian Read

Production company: ACNE Sweden

Producer: Morgan Röhl

Director: Tobias Granström

About DDB Stockholm

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